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Learning with Tablets

About Us

DSEC Education Center is a coaching, consulting and community engagement firm. Our work is mainly through 1- professional programs in communities, schools and organizations 2- regular retreats at the CALM Retreat and Events Center and, 3 - Online workshops seminars ​ EDUCATION CONSULTANTS D.S Educational Consultants (DSEC) is our coaching, consulting and  professional development organization that is focused on empowering schools, communities and families through coaching, consulting, curriculum, seminar/workshops, mentoring, mediation models, aesthetics, and general educational supports. ​ ​ ​ CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES Help yourself to our creative and professional resources. Join a discussion. Request resources.  ​ Our signature  proprietary programs Creative Arts, Leisure,  &  Mindfulness (CALM-I)  and Community , Alignment, Leadership & Mentoring ( CALM-II ) , are both alternative community education models for lifelong learning and community empowerment.  CALM - I and II , the brainchild of developer Andrea S. Dailey are hybrid  residential and artists in residence initiatives. To book a program , stay at the hostel or participate in any workshop please connect with us via email  or phone 253 754 7717/253 398-0957 .  ​ ​ ​ ​




Empowering schools , communities and families through creative arts, education, support services and meaningful programs thereby  increasing sustainable opportunities for success. 



Advance opportunities. Build a better brain trust. Create caring communities.

I'm Andrea S. Dailey , CEO and Chief Writer for our organization.

Starting in 1984, I have held  positions in the education, social development and arts community which have inspired the variety of programs and initiatives you will find here. My team and I are committed to our mission and vision. Please join us on our journey into possibilities to leave this world a better place than we found it.

Welcome to DSEC

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