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Become part of a new dynamic community youth experience CALM Community Creative Circles. Through creative interactive programs CALM Circles challenges community inequities, addresses mental & social issues of gen z youth ,and offers opportunities for individual and community empowerment. Programs are open to all. For youth programs, if you are between the ages of 11 to 25, come explore our programs below and join us in person or virtually. 

Dance Class


Become part of our performing arts troupe or explore your creative side in bi-weekly meetings. CALM Circles is committed to two productions each year in summer and winter. Fortnightly club meetings include games and creative activities for fun, social and personal development. All talents are welcomed, art, music, dancing, modeling, acting and media arts to name a few. Register here.

Community Gardening


CALM members engage in civic programs by selecting their own projects then working on them as a group. High schoolers can receive community credit and college students get clock hours and credit. Through project based learning you will develop lifelong skills, make friends across cultures, add to your network of community leaders and  influencers locally and virtually. Register here.

Yoga Group


Develop healthy living practices through multiple forms of social , emotional techniques, guided discussions fun and engaging creative therapy in fortnightly meetings. Tackle questions of  invisibility, otherness, self-doubt, social distance, general self efficacy, focus and purpose. Let's explore healthy living tools together or access what you need and take the challenge on your own. Whatever you choose, CALM Circle of Support is here for you

Female Developers


Everyone can benefit from mentoring at any age. CALM members are divided in to 11- 15 and 16 to 18 and 19 to 25 year groups. Groups are mentored by adult role models and experts in  turn learning how to mentor each other.  Family members and local leaders are invited to lend a hand in mentoring to youth of all demographic. Register here.

Leadership Presentation


Let your leadership light shine! CALM Leadership Program uses research based curriculum to guide youth leaders, through civic engagement , workshops, project development. Lead selected projects and participate in the annual CALM Youth Conference where youth voices and youth issues are front and center. Explore internship opportunities.  



CALM addresses issues of isolation ,social inequities , by providing opportunities, sharing resources and building social capital for youth of all groups. Through our fortnightly meetings, workshops, excursions, monthly Circle-Up mixers, CALM members  develop healthy social skills, social connections and thrive as a team and individual. Register here.

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